We can provide individually tailored patrol services & various levels of Security Patrol inspections.

A Calibre Security Officer performs patrolling services for multiple businesses during any one shift. Calibre security along with the customer arranges the level of inspection that suits. These patrols can either be done at a specific time or "at random" times.

Patrolling can be internal or external or a combination of both, and consists of multiple tasks aiding crime and loss prevention.

In addition to the visual deterrent of having a Calibre Patrol Officer visit you business and make a thorough inspection, checking doors, windows and closing gates. We also can prevent losses by shutting down energy-consuming equipment at night, reporting or dealing with leaks, or reporting damage.

All keys and or swipe cards held are securely attached to the "Run Chain" and identified with a code.
This code only makes sense to our operations personnel and is an extremely safe way of identifying customer's keys.

With the increased reliability of electronic security and monitoring, the main patrol requirement for most buildings is now the First or "Bed Down" patrol.

This patrol should be done after all staff have left the building and ensures that we, your security company, can sign off that all your windows, doors and gates are secure.

For those customers that require an internal "bed down" of lights, air conditioning / heaters, toilets (running water / leaks) and kitchens (appliances left on, running water, leaks, fridges open), we can fill out a log book with the date and time that the "Bed Down" was done, who completed it and record any issues that we encountered.

This cost effective service passes the responsibility of your buildings security to our professional staff and removes it from staff and managers allowing them to concentrate on their core duties.

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