Engaging a guard to protect your premises, look after a car park during a function, security at your school fate, patrolling a shopping centre on foot or guarding a half complete building during the dead of night are some of the services our guards perform to our clients.

At Calibre Security a "one size fits all" approach does not work when it comes to static guards.

The guard preventing damage to the half completed building in the dead of night will not be the guard we choose to look after the elderly in a retirement village.

The guard that handles the ingoings and outgoings of trucks during the day for a multinational company will not be the guard that prevents cars being damaged or stolen in a car park.

Whether it be a short term engagement or a permanent contract, we will provide the skill set required for each and every type of job.

All our guards are fully trained and have a current Certificate of Approval from the justice department (CoA)

All our guards perform welfare checks at regular intervals to keep them safe, have a GPS enabled Radio Telephone to pinpoint their exact position at any time and have the back up of our 24x7 control centre as well as the network of patrol officers ready to lend a hand if and when required.

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